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tv   [untitled]    July 1, 2013 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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congratulations that having student delegate ss actually one of the most meaningful parts of serving on the board of education and being in and listening to your advisory votes, which is why we do them first. so we can listen to them. >> and i, so i know that you are going to do great and i really appreciate the time that you spend with us, thank you. >> miss maufas? >> thank you. >> i want to echo what my colleagues and i have said, this is the first time that i have the opportunity on all of the years of the board of education to sit with the student delegates i only have one more year let's make it so again, it is a fantastic experience just to listen to the two to desecretary our work and then ask me the questions first and i am like let's ask the experts who are staff and you do and there is just so thought provoking and they
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really remine me to be up on my game to be sitting here and so i can't tell you how much that i appreciate sitting by you. this is my favorite spot, it is just great and so hopefully the next president of the board of education will put me back here in this fabulous spot. thank you so much for your service you have been amazing. >> miss murase? >> i want to thank the student delegates for the leadership this past year and being a constant reminder of our work and by just being here with you together, and just really helps us focus. and we learn from your votes and we want to wish you all of the best in the future. >> and so let's close it out by saying, you will unfortunately this is your last meeting that your names will live on because we do have a co-sponsored resolution on the agenda that will come up for a vote later
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in august and so if either of you or both of you are in town we would love to have you come back when that happens. >> okay. >> item e, the parent advisory council report. i see the pac representative. >> good evening commissioners, thank you for the time, my name is tony talerico and my daughter just finished 4th grade at sunset elementary cool and i just finished my first year on the pac which from my report tonight you might find was an active and exciting year. the role is to support and implementation and this will
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summarize our work for the year and will highlight the projects for next year. you have in your attachments a chart on the last page to provide more details about the specific goals and attachments. we had a year of transition and celebration, in addition to meeting priet mare goals and objectivities of engaging parents in discussions about priority initiative and policies, we weathered a major staff change on the back and we held a mid year retreat and celebrated the 10th anniversary and back in may we celebrated that anniversary in ten years of bringing parent voices and super expectives through the board of education. we celebrated that mild stone by honoring and acknowledging the people who are essential to establishing the pac and those who help to make the work of the pac possible today.
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>> the work is closely aligned with the goals of the district balance score card and it is informed by what we learn through our out reach to hear from families across the district. to conversations at schools and a community briefings, as well as joint projects with district staff and community partners. this school year we reached our goal to engage 250 parents educators and students and community members in discussions about education policy issues. >> we engage nearly 130 parents in community advocates through a community conversation in our work around restorative practices. we continued to receive requests from school sites and community organizations around restorative practices. and next year we hope to continue that by extending into
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mono linguil conversations and specifically around ours. and we also reached out and convened with over 65 participants in four special meetings with district leading on early education to prek, and the great initiative and the implementation of the a, g, graduation requirements and the service for the english learners and the redesign of the special education services we worked well with the district staff and the parents and pta and the mission graduate and chinese affirmative action to have community forums around the district's budget and how local state and federal funding streams impact public schools, and finally in this area, we had a collaborativive effort with chinese for the affirmative action james town
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in an event called building bridges with 30 participants participated in sharing experiences, concerns, and common vision for quality education and schools for their children in the district. we actively participated in the monthly family engagement network convened by the coordinator. and pac is one of many community based organization to provide feedback on the engagement family's vision and standards. pac continues to hold it on the after school for all advisory council and we really attended their meetings and work subgroups. in the fall, the pac vice chair spoke at the policy briefing after school at city hall and in late february, the pac vice
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chair was a representative and joined other representatives from the a. fa council in a conference at baltimore maryland for building local system to improve the after school programs. >> san francisco was one of the few city teams across the country who sent a parent representative to that conference. >> this year, the pac has taken an active role in the education collective of the community based organizations with the parent leaders and the chinese for affirmative action and james town and mission graduates, and to engage the families across the different communities and cultures, and languages and socio economic backgrounds to inform and discuss the key district initiatives. pac members are particularly active this year in a discussion of the new graduation requirements and participation on the new
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graduation requirement task force for monitoring and implementing the ag requirements as part of that task force we helped to identify the short term and long term goals including contributing to the idea of the agency report card, that would inform parents and students about each students's ag status on a regular basis just like the standard report card and that hopefully will be implemented in the works with the adoption of the new data system synergy. >> pac also provided out reach support for the district advisory committee to increase the parent partation at the last meeting of the school year. as a result, that dac meeting had more parents attend than usual and we discussed how the work of the local education agency plan would address achievement of african americans in the district.
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to con convenience what we learned from the out reach efforts and we speak with the families across the district. we present reports at the regular board members, and we also interact with individual board commissioners and district staff to discuss the specific district initiatives and over the past year, we attended and submitted questions to the what is the curriculum committee and certaining the energy, graduation requirements. and they also attended the adhoc committee on the student assignment. and we met with the board commissioners fewer and wynns and carranza and other staff to discuss the specific policy issue and we provided input and the school side council summit planning meetings and provided feedback on two food initiatives and we served on
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the community tasting panel for the new service evaluation for new bidders and we served on two separate focus groups for improving the school food experience. looking towards sustaining our parent advisory council, with generous support from our funders, who (inaudible) and the family foundation, the pac has been successful in building a active membership of volunteers, parents and care givers appointed by you the board in the organizational achievements over the school year, include the pack retreat that we held in the mitt year to build the community and reflect on the work and strengthen our leadership capabilities and recruiting of 6 new members to the pact and retaining 11 members whose terms have not yet expired. we are working to renew the grants from walter and
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(inaudible) fund and the (inaudible) foundation and this helps to cover our operating expenses to support our pack members and coordinate our work. and the interpretation of the translation of all of our materials and providing child care for our meetings. and of course, continuing our fiscal sponsor ship by the community initiatives, and their support allows us to concentrate on the program aspects of our work rather than the administrative issues and it also insures financial accountability. so since we look ahead to the next school year, based on what we have heard from the family and the community conversation and briefings, and based on the work that we did this year and our priority for next year will include the continuing to work in collaboration with district staff and community partner to support and monitor the implementation of the ato g requirements and schedule to
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take effect next year. and work with the district staff and partners to expand and support practice and specifically the parent component of that and the home school connection of that. >> make sure that we support access to after school programs and considering to advocate for the district and to advocate and provide meaningful support and the teachers and administrators accountable for outcomes to improve the out comes for african american students and english language learners and students with disabilities in continuing to actively support and monitor the implementation of the district's family engagement plan so that we can insure that the district leaders establish time lines and deadlines and
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accountability measures for meeting standards for engaging them at the school sites and district level. so we are committed to work on all of these issues and we look forward to working with you and the board, with the district staff and with our community partners to engage the families in all of these efforts so that we can support the success and achievement of all of our students. >> congratulations but what i don't see here on your accomplishments is that the parents leader capacity that you have grown in our district. and i'm talking about pac but all of the other parents that you engage. and i think that the pac has really developed many of our parent leaders in through the pac and they have become great leaders in our schools and actually in our community and so i think that should be one
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of your accomplishments also and i know that you are going to continue with that good work throughout the year thank you very much. >> commissioner fewer that is something that we talk about quite a bit and we reflect on at the end of the year and i think that each of us felt that we achieved a great deal of personal growth but just through participation in the meetings and activities. >> i think that even through the reports that we receive is obvious that the parent leaders have grown from when they first start as they continue throughout the year and so good work. >> commissioner maufas? >> thank you, for presenting this work, it is clear on how much work that you have done, what is represented here on paper, can't even, i just can't even imagine all of the community members that you have reached out to and touched, and it is imperative that you all continue to do your work and
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continue to reach far and wide, because families connect to you all. yes, they connect to us board members and we go out to community meetings and staff. but they really hear it whatever we are trying to get to them through you. >> and i have heard that feedback over and over again when you all go out and translate for us. and it works. so thank you so, so much. and i really want to particularly highlight not all of the other work that you are doing is not valuable. but for me, the restorative practices and the conversations that you have had and continue to have, have been vital to connecting families to what we are trying to do at the district here. and how we are trying to change the culture of san francisco unified school district from punitive to restorative and it is your work in support of our work that has made all of the
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transitions possible. and in teachers and family members, and in school sites and the administrators and the students feel that coming together and i want to thank the pac to really taking that on. it was monday you mental and it has made all of the difference in the world. thank you. >> dr. murase? >> i really want to thank you, and i want to recognize that the great staff work by georgia bratt but i have a homework assignment last night we were at the committee of the whole talking about the core waiver that we have applied to. and san francisco and we have taken a leadership role in figuring out the alternative to no child left behind that is less punitive, that is not, that is more realistic for our district and we are going to need lots of help and once the u.s. department of education has decide what had to do, whether to grant the waiver or not. there is good signs that they
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may be in a position to grant it. once that happens, we really need to have a parent engagement process around the new accountability sections that we are proposing, with like the feedback on it but also to get the families to understand how schools will be accountable them. and so that is our homework once we get the decision from the first. >> thank you. >> thank you, very much. for your report. >> and thank you to the members of the pac. >> all right, we are going to move on to item f, public comment on consent items. i do not have any cards. item g, may i hear a motion and a second. >> moved. >> second. >> thank you. >> i believe that there are a few items withdrawn or corrected dr. crawford? >> yes. >> good evening, commissioners we have do several corrections of withdraw. >> we have direction of item 2
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d and that is 136-25 b4 this is on page 68 and 69. the school site listed should be change fromed hill crest elementary to paul reviere k-8. >> there is a correction from two i,-25 beight on page 87 d. the agreement should read, fy 13, 14, that is the fiscal year 13, 14. and there is a correction to 136-25 k20. this is on page 167 and 168. this resolution is not retroactive. >> we have a couple of more for you commissioner mendoza. >> greks to 136-25 k46 on page 222, and 223, the resolution is
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not retroactive. correction to 136-25 k50, on 230 and 231 it is not retroactive. >> three withdraws 136-25 k8. this is on page 143, and 144. we have withdraw on 136-25 k13, and this is on page 153 and 154 and last, withdraw is to 136-25 k59 this is on page 250 and 251. >> thank you, dr. crawford, are there any items removed for first reading by the board? >> seeing none, any item severed by the board or superintendent for discussion and vote this evening? >> commissioner wynns? >> i have a couple of items and
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i don't exactly know where to put the first one because they are the resolution food contracts and the food contract. so those, we asked that question that was asked and we got a written response in our budget question. so it is in the budget, we could discuss it in the budget or i could sever these contracts because these are the actual expenditures of those moneys. >> why don't we sever them now and if after the budget discussion if you are satisfied and don't need further discussion, you can just note that in the budget section. >> so they are on page, it is item 2 g, 136-25 c2, but it is all of the contract extensions it is a whole bunch of things but it includes these contracts that we just sever that whole thing? >> it is on page starts on 76. and it goes to 86, actually.
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>> okay. >> and then also, i would like to sever item 2 h, 136-25 b7 it is a yellow page about the, you know, it is about the special fund education for protection account page 87 a, through 87 c? and then, also i would like to sever k42 on page 198. and that is just one, that is the biggest of the legal fee contracts just so that i can discuss the legal fees in general. is what i would like to do, thank you. >> okay. >> and any other items from the consent calendar? >> all right. seeing none, just the items severed by the commissioner wynns for the discussion. >> all right. roll call will take place under section o there is a request and unless there is an
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exception, i would like to move up the general public comment regarding general matters. ahead of the budget, so we would take that item now? there are a number of speakers signed up for that. so seeing no objection, we are now going to skip ahead to request to speak regarding general matters. i am going to call your name and please line up at the microphone you will have two minutes each to speak. evan, miller, joshua davidson, and cicilia, (inaudible) and (inaudible) and roslynbutler. push >> good evening commissioners.
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superintendent carranza. excuse me my voice is kind of given out i have a little problem that i have been dealing with since the first of the year and it has caused me to be off of work quite a bit but i am here tonight to talk to you about the contract. as you know, it has been 7 years since we have had a raise. we have not had increase but we have had take away which includes furlough days. our teachers and our parents and the crafts and the trays and their share and we wish to get ours. we are the first in the schools, we open the schools, we close them. we have student nutrition workers that serve our children we have custodians that clean our schools and health workers that tend to the (inaudible) as well as the secretary and the
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clerks in the schools. and as you know our clerks and our secretaries are over worked. we also have this new program called go fast that you have put on the secretaries and now that is included in their job as well. yet, we get no raise. and so, we are asking you tonight to consider before you vote on that budget tonight, what you did not include, classified and please we are disappointed at you all and you know who we are and we know what we do. and if it was not for us, this boardroom would not be clean and you would not be sitting at a clean desk. our kids would not be getting fed in the cafeteria and all of those school is out but our workers continue to work in the summer. >> you know what is fair is fair. and you need to look at it for what it is. and give us what we need. we need some money. and we need it now.
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okay? we need some money. and now we know that at the end of the day if we don't get ours, the administrator is going to get theirs but we want to get ours before they get theirs. >> good afternoon i would like to pin down a couple of numbers for you all on the situation with the wages over the last several years it has been december of 2007 since i... >> could you state your name? >> my name is josh davidson i work in the early education department. and december 2007. was the last time that our members received a raise. since then the general cost of living has gone up 12 percent in san francisco. and rent controlled rent has gone up 8 and a half percent since then, and our members have received 0 additional
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dollars. also, just so that you have a picture of what our members economic profile is like, our average member makes over $30,000 a year, according to the scenario of inequality, the poverty level for san francisco family of four is 36,000 a year. and so we are most of our members these days leave outside of staoet and can't afford to live in the city i am one of the very few who manage to scape by in town. the situation is worse every year and there are raises in the contract for the certificated employees but not for classified employees but would i like to say that we work hard year round and we are dedicated to the students of this district but in order to do our jobs well, we need to be able to conduct our lives outside of work in a way that is sustainable. so thank you very much.
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>> (inaudible) [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> my name is cecilia (inaudible) and [ speaking in a foreign language ]
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>> do we have interpretation? so that we can... >> let me try if i can do it. >> i am a union representative, of the 1021, do you want to read your stuff? >> okay. >> so, why don't we start, and i apologize, why don't we start over and do four minutes so
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that you can interpret. >> i can summarize. she works as a permanent civil service and she was laid off and she returned back to work at the school nutrition services and is given 3.5 and the 3.5 hours per day, with the salary of 400 dollars a week is not enough for her to support her family. she lives in oakland, she has to pay to transportation but the buses are expensive and she has to take another bus to work, and so, she is asking for 7 years she has not received an increase in her pay and so, her family is struggling to meet, you know, the needs in the family. >> hello, my name is roslyn
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butler, to the panel, the board members and the superintendent to highlight what josh said, i am going to go a little further. other than the board members i am going to encourage the administration to support your classified staff. so everyone in this room imagined that you don't have a janitor, and imagine that you don't have a 1426 such as me who i am proud to be an employee of the district eleven years not someone who just works to pass the day by, but someone who has been committed to this district. i am a product of the san francisco unified school district from brian elementary school to mission high school who i am still involved in my school and will always be as a mission there. andvy seen the district change, drasically over the years and i have seen the people